Other initiatives

It is inspiring to see the ways that individuals, organizations and communities have come together to support each other during the COVID-19 crisis.

We wanted to share the other great initiatives that are out there, that may be of help to you or someone you know.

If you know of other iniciatives that you think should be included here, pleasecontact us and let us know about them!

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Movimiento Civil Nacional


Thispage of MCN has details of various initiatives that are supporting communities during the crisis



Idealist has published new pages on their website to facilitate opportunities for those whoARE LOOKING FOR SUPPORT, and those whoWANT TO SUPPORT.

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El Amor En Caja


In this page of EL AMOR EN CAJA you can make a donation for the purchasing of food and hygiene products to support a family for more than 15 days.

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Agencia Ocote


If you are looking for how to support people who are especially vulnerable to the pandemic, on the pageJUNTAR FUEGO you will find a list of initiatives that may interest you.

Do you have an initiative that is offering help during this COVID-19 crisis? Complete this FORM so that more people get to know it and know how to support it.


Conectando Corazones


There are many who need help but there are more of us who want to help.

CONECTANDO CORAZONES seeks to facilitate connections and communication between those who need suport, and those who want to help.


Red de Solidaridad Inmediata (RESI)

RESI is a group of volunteers responding to the crisis by organizing to ensure that vulnerable families in the metropolitan area of ​​Guatemala do not run out of food in the face of the crisis.

How to help
1) Financial support to contribute to one or more baskets
2) Sponsoring a family monthly for 6 months
3) Volunteer



La Olla Comunitaria


LA OLLA COMUNITARIA is a citizens movement that has arised from the need to provide food to the people affected by the restrictions taken to counter the COVID-19 virus.

CONTACT La Olla Comunitaria to support this initiative, giving your time as a volunteer, donating food, or funds through their campaign GOFUNDME.




ARTE SANO RELIEFis a movement promoted by brands in our country that focus on sustainable design and seeks to support Guatemalan artisans in the face of the COVID-19 emergency.

Support this initiative by donating funds through your campaign GOFUNDME.



SÚMATE ANTIGUA is a community kitchen that provides support to our brothers most in need in the Antigua area and its surroundings due to the state of calamity that the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused.

CONTACT them to learn more and help!

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The COVID Apoyo Guate site is intended to help facilitate connections between those looking for support and those looking to provide it. Whilst we do our best to ensure the legitimacy of listings looking for support on our site, it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that those that you are connecting with to offer your support are authentic and meet your own standards.